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Banking Law
The Law Offices of Joseph L. Haines, LLC Services
Commercial and Consumer Collection Litigation
Civil Litigation
We will work with you, as a financial institution, regarding government regulations, restrictions and guidelines, to which you are subjected, in order to ensure your compliance primarily in matters relating to collection of delinquent or defaulted debt. 
At The Law Offices of Joseph L. Haines, LLC, we provide services with respect to consumer and commercial collection law and litigation, providing legal services to Banks, Credit Unions, and other credit providers, civil litigation, and business formation.

We handle a range of legal issues including:
We will work with you to enforce the collection of all consumer and commercial claims.
Have a civil complaint? We are knowledgeable of all Pennsylvania Civil Statutes and will assist in resolving civil matters including general contract disputes, owner disputes, civil fraud and misrepresentation claims, employment issues and more.
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Tax Law
We know the tax laws and will assist your company in understanding and being compliant with these rules under state and federal guidelines.  
Business Formation
We are here for you to provide assistance and guidance in forming a new business; whether is it a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC or a corporation.